SpECtite HP600 is a black, liquid applied, pitch modified, high polymer, one part polyurethane, which cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible and elastomeric membrane product with excellent water resistance and low vapour permeability.

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To provide a waterproofing membrane to building and civil engineering structures in a variety of situations such as:
• Tiled floors in bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and plant rooms
• Foundations and basement structures
• Suspended floors, parking decks and promenades over utilised areas
• Balconies, roof terraces and patios
• Inverted roofs (Consult our Technical Department for additional information)
• Non potable water retaining structures, sewage tanks, inspection pits and tunnels
• Single component which requires no mixing or heating
• Excellent adhesion to most common construction substrates
• Highly flexible with excellent crack bridging properties (up to 2mm)
• Good application characteristics by brush or spray
• Excellent water resistance and low vapour permeability
• UV resistant when applied on exposed surfaces
• Moisture tolerant
• Resistant to cracking at low temperatures and does not suffer flow at high temperatures
• Good resistance to industrial environments
• Mositure tolerance capability


Black viscous liquid 
Cure time @ 25°C & 50% R.H. 

12-24 hours touch dry, 7 days full cure 

Application temperature 

5°C to 60°C 
Shore A (ASTM D 2240) 

50 ± 5% 

Tensile strength (ASTM D 412) 

1.5±0.3 N/mm² 
Ultimate elongation (ASTM D 412-98a) 

Minimum 500% 

Adhesion in Peel (ASTM C 794-18) 

1.2±0.1 N/mm 

Surface Preparation
Concrete surfaces must be float or shutter finished. The surfaces must be free of cavities and projections. Blockwork or brickwork must be flush pointed and of a uniform finish.

The surfaces should be made dry, clean, dust an frost free to expose a sound, clean substrate.

Priming Application
Priming is not normally necessary on good quality concrete, however for particularly porous or metal surfaces, SpECtite HP600 Primer must be used.

SpECtite HP600 should be applied after the primer has become touch dry, usually 2-4 hours following application, but before it has fully reacted.

If the SpECtite HP600 is not applied within 48 hours after priming, the surfaces should be re-primed.

SpECtite HP600 should be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment at a thickness of 1mm in two coats.

On vertical surfaces, it may be necessary to achieve the correct film thickness by applying two coats with lighter loading to avoid slump especially when working at a high ambient temperature. Apply 2 coat systems at right angles to each other to ensure an even coating application. If a flood test is to be done, allow a minimum curing period of 10 days. The first coat should be touch dry prior to the application of the second coat. The second coat should in any event be applied within 12 hours of the first coat becoming touch dry.

When continuing membrane application from day joints, an overlap of 250mm should be made.

In certain conditions, particularly where back filling against SpECtite HP600 is anticipated, protection board should be used.
SpECtite HP600 is supplied in 18 litre drums. SpECtite HP600 Primer is supplied in 5 litre and 15 litre drums.

Coverage rates may vary depending on the substrate. As an average on a smooth surface, the cov-erage rate for SpECtite HP600 is 1m²/litre at 1mm WFT and 6-10m²/litre for SpECtite HP600 Primer.
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