SpECtite RoofFlex Plus


SpECtite RoofFlex Plus is a single-component moisture cure aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing liquid membrane.

Technical Details

SpECtite RoofFlex Plus is suitable for waterproofing:
• Exposed Roofing.
• Planter Boxes.
• Swimming Pools.
• Balconies.
• Terraces.
• Wood.
• Metal Surfaces.
• Exterior Masonry Building.
• High Tensile Strength.
• Highly Elastic.
• UV Resistance.
• Hard-Wearing.
• Durability.
• Crack-Bridging.
Form White
Tensile strength (ASTM D 412) 8.0 N/mm2
Elongation (ASTM D 412) > 700%
Tear Resistance (ASTM D 624) > 15 N/mm2
UV Resistance (ASTM D 822) @ 1000 hours pass
SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) (ASTM E 1980) 101
Shore A Hardness (ASTM D 624) >70
Resistance to Chemicals (Visual Check) Limited Effect
Permeability (BS EN 12390) Nill
Surface Preparation:
Surfaces must be dry and free from oil, dust, dirt, grease and loosing materials. The substrate should be firm, in case of gaps and cracks fill with suitable poly- sulphide sealant and ensure the surface is level.

For metal surface, clean the surface of all rust scales. This can be achieved by wire brushing or grit blasting.

Substrate Priming:
Self-prime SpECtite RoofFlex Plus using 20% xylene. Insure proper spreading and coverage of Pinholes.

Apply first coat of SpECtite RoofFlex Plus at a rate of 0.4 to 0.6 mm WFT.

Optional single reinforcement sheet fibre mesh or geotextile may be used for angle filling.

Apply the second coat at a rate of 0.4 to 0.6 mm or 0.6 to 0.7 mm where reinforcement sheet fibre mesh or geotextile is used.
SpECtite RoofFlex Plus is supplied in 20 litre drums.

The coverage rate for SpECtite RoofFlex Plus is 1.0 to 1.2 litre/m2/2 coats. Minimum 2 coats are required.
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SpECtite RoofFlex Plus

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