SpECtop CRM is supplied as a ready to use blend
of dry powders, which only requires the addition of
clean water to produce a highly consistent, high
strength repair mortar. SpECtop CRM exhibits
excellent thermal compatibility with concrete and
water permeability.

Technical Details

For the reinstatement of large areas of concrete pavements and floors to avoid the total replacement of bays. The product is alkaline in nature and will protect embedded steel reinforcement. It may be used internally and externally.

For emergency patching of small areas of concrete pavements and floors, the use of SpECtop RSR is recommended.
. Rapid strength gain will generally accept pedestrian traffic at 12 hours, significantly reducing down-time.
. High strength, abrasion and weather resistance.
. Single component product eliminates site batching and requires only the site addition of clean water.
. Excellent bond to the concrete substrate.
. Shrinkage compensated.
. Contains no chloride admixtures.

Typical Compressive strength N/mm² ASTM C109 

20 N/mm² @ 1 day 

40 N/mm² @ 7 days 

50 N/mm² @ 28 days 

Coefficient of thermal expansion Pot life 

7 to 12 x 10¯6/°C 

60 minutes @ 10°C 

30 minutes @ 20°C 

15 minutes @ 30°C 

Setting time 

110 minutes @ 10°C 

65 minutes @ 20°C 

48 minutes @ 30°C 

Trafficking time Pedestrian 

18 hours @ 10°C 

12 hours @ 20°C 

8 hours @ 30°C 


36 hours @ 10°C 

24 hours @ 20°C 

16 hours @ 30°C 


2280 kg/m³ 

To avoid possible reflective cracking in the SpECtop CRM repair, it is essential that live cracks and existing joint details in the substrate be given proper attention. Live cracks should be treated by an approved method. For further information, contact SpEC Technical Department.

Saw cut or cut back the extremities of the repair locations to a depth of at least 12mm. Break out the complete repair area to a minimum depth of 12mm up to the sawn edge. The surface should be clean and free from contamination. Where breaking out is not required, roughen the surface and remove any laitance by light scabbling or grit-blasting.

Oil and grease deposits should be removed by steam cleaning or detergent scrubbing and the effectiveness of decontamination assessed by a pull-off test.

Expose fully any corroded steel in the repair area and remove all loose scale and corrosion deposits. Steel should be cleaned to a bright condition paying particular attention to the back of exposed steel bars. Grit-blasting is recommended.

Where corrosion has occurred due to the presence of chlorides, the steel should be high pressure washed with clean water immediately after grit blasting.

The prepared area should be blown clean with oil-free compressed air and allowed to dry completely.

Reinforcing Steel
Apply one coat of SpECcoat Zn25 to all exposed reinforcing steel and allow to dry before continuing. If any doubt exists about having achieved an unbroken coating, a second application should be made and, again, allowed to dry before continuing.

Prime using SpECbuild Primer E1.

Both of the components should be briefly stirred to ensure that any settlement products are fully suspended.

The entire contents of the curing agent should be emptied into the base component, ensuring that the sides of the curing agent tin are carefully scraped to remove all the material.

The combined materials should then be mixed using a suitable slow-speed drill and mixing paddle for 2 minutes until uniform. The sides of the tin should then be scraped and mixing should continue for a further 2 minutes. The mixed product may be applied by brush at a theoretical consumption rate of 5 m²/litre/coat.

SpECtop CRM is a ready to use blend of dry powders.

Care should be taken to ensure the SpECtop CRM is thoroughly mixed. A forced action mixer is essential. Mix in a suitably sized drum using a SpECbuild Mixing Paddle in a slow speed (400/500 rpm) heavy-duty drill. Free- fall mixers must not be used. Mixing of part bags should never be attempted.
Place 2.3 litres of water into the mixing vessel and with machine mixing, slowly add the bag of SpECtop CRM and mix for 3 minutes until fully homogeneous. Do not mix for longer than this period as the heat developed will seriously reduce the pot life of the mixed product. Note that powder must always be added to water.

While the SpECbuild Primer E1 is still tacky, apply SpECtop CRM evenly by trowel and tamp in place with a wood float to ensure full compaction. Thoroughly compact the mortar around any exposed steel reinforcement. SpECtop CRM can be applied up to 50mm thickness in single applications.
Note: The minimum applied thickness of SpECtop CRM is 12mm.
SpECtop CRM is supplied in 25 kg bags yielding approximately 11.5 litres (0.9m² at 12mm thickness).
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