SpECtop Scratch Coat


SpECtop Scratch Coat is a lightly pigmented, solvent-free, 3-component, epoxy-based scratch coat

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Technical Details

SpECtop Scratch Coat is suitable as a primer / base coat / scratch coat on cement bound substrates under SpEC coatings and self-smoothing flooring.

SpECtop Scratch Coat is designed to be used in a variety of situations, such as:
· Fixing layer on cement
· Self-smoothing flooring and other epoxy systems
· Good intermediate adhesion
· Excellent sealing / pore-filling properties
· Avoid outgassing in the flooring system
· Solvent-free
· Can be used with other SpEC Flooring Products
· Hygienic
· Chemically resistant to a wide range of chemicals

Solids content 



Pot life 

20 min 

8 hours 

Surface Preparation
The substrate must be firm, able to bear sufficient loads and have adequate grip. It must be free of grease, oil and non-adherent components. It must also be free of any layers or contaminants that could reduce the adhesion.
Remove non-adherent layers and contaminants by suitable mechanical means (e.g. shot blasting, milling or sanding). Then remove all dust using an industrial vacuum cleaner. Larger repairs and the filling of gaps, holes and other unevenness must be carried out with SpECbuild repair materials.

Highly porous substrate needs to be primed with SpECtop Primer F1, SpECtop Primer FX or SpECtop Scratch Coat binder at O.1 to 0.2 L/m2 rate.

Stir base thoroughly. Add hardener and mix for at least 1 minute with an electrical mixer (speed 300 – 400 rpm). Add the filler and mix again for 2 minutes. Pour the mixture onto the surface and distribute using a smoothing trowel.
SpECtop Scratch Coat is supplied as a three product component weighing 15 litre units.
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SpECtop Scratch Coat

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