SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar


SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar is a hydrophilic
waterstop made with sodium bentonite and butyl
rubber for use in construction joints subject to saline
water penetration. SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar
presents a unique characteristic of swelling many
times its dry volume when in contact with
ground/saline water to form an impenetrable gel
capable of resisting hydrostatic pressures of up to
40 meters.

Technical Details

SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar is a very effective waterstop seal in the following situations:
• Construction joint
• Pipe and cable penetrations
• New to existing concrete
• Sealing irregular concrete surfaces
. Quick and easy to install – does not require special intersections, on-site welding or jointing.
• Suitable for ground/saline water conditions.
• Safe and odour-free
• Totally flexible
• Surface fixed – no pre-formed chases required
• Seals localised honeycombing and minor fractures

Specific gravity @25°C 

Resistance to hydrostatic pressure 

4 bars 

Swelling capacity (3.5% saline solution) 

Service temperature 

-20ºC to +75ºC 

Bending radius at corners 



Surface Preparation
All surfaces to which SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar is to be applied should be clean and free of standing water. Any loose or flaking concrete must be removed. (The preferred practice of scabbling joints is recommended).

Uncoil a length of SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar and apply onto the concrete surface, noting that it must be positioned inside the reinforcement cage with a minimum concrete cover of 75mm.

Press SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar firmly into place to ensure it covers any surface undulations.

In vertical installations work from the base up to prevent any deformation or elongation.

Cut the ends of adjoining lengths of SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar with a sharp tool to ensure a clean and square cut and press together for a close butt joint. Do not overlap.

Fix SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar in place using nailing guns, with nails at 300mm spacing approximately.

Do not use any damaged, deformed or swollen bars.
SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar is supplied in standard size coils of 20 x 25mm x 5m long. A cardboard box contains 6 x 5m coils.
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SpECtite Swellseal Bentobar

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