SpECtop ARE300


SpECtop ARE300 is a two-component solvent
based epoxy resin coating. The product forms an
extremely hard and durable coating, which is easily

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Technical Details

SpECtop ARE300 provides a coating, which is extremely durable and hardwearing. It also has a high resistance to chemical attack. It is particularly suited to application in areas which are heavily trafficked where maintenance-free life is important. It is suitable in most industrial applications such as dairies, beverage plants, showrooms, kitchens, assembly areas in production units, covered car parks and aircraft hangers.
· Range of colours
· Excellent chemical resistance
· Impermeable surface ensuring ease of cleaning
· Extremely hard wearing enabling long periods between maintenance work

Tack free time 

3 – 5 hours at 20°C 
Pot life 

3 hours at 20°C 

Time between coats 

16 – 24 hours at 20°C 
Initial hardness 

24 hours 

Full cure 

7 days at 20°C 
Typical system thickness 

300µm (dft) 

SpECtop ARE300 must only be applied to adequately prepared substrates, which should be clean and dry to ensure high adhesion properties.
The floor should be at least 28 days old prior to application and the retained moisture should be below a reading of 75% on a hygrometer. The surface should then be acid etched or lightly grit blasted to remove laitance on new floors and contamination, such as oil and grease, from older floors.

It is appropriate to prime very porous floors with SpECtop Primer F1.

SpECtop ARE300 is supplied in a two-component kit consisting of a curing agent and a pigmented base component.
Both components of SpECtop ARE300 should be thoroughly stirred prior to being mixed to ensure full dispersion of the suspended material. The total contents of the hardener component should be added to the base tin and mixed for a full 3 minutes using a slow speed electric drill fitted with a mixing paddle.

The mixed product should be applied using a stiff brush or a lambswool roller ensuring that the area is covered uniformly avoiding the formation of areas with a wet film thickness in excess of 250 micron. This is best done by the use of a wet film gauge. The final coat may be applied once the first coat has become dry to the touch – typically 16-24 hours at 20°C.
If a slip resistant profile is required, the first coat is completely blinded with the chosen grade of SpECtop NS Grains. This should be carried out while the coating is still wet.

When the first coat has reached its initial cure (12 hours @ 20°C), the excess aggregate should be removed by vacuum from the surface.

The top coat is then applied again by a medium roller. Where a smooth finish is required, the top coat is applied as per the first coat.

For slip resistant floors the topcoat of SpECtop ARE300 should provide a continuous film of material and also completely seal the surface of the SpECtop NS Grains. The consumption rate of materials for this type of application will be heavier for the top coat due to the increase in the effective area to be coated.
SpECtop ARE300 is supplied in the pack sizes given below with the following recommended coverage rates:

SpECtop ARE300     4.5 litres and 15 litres
@ 225µm wft:      4.0 m²/litre/coat (0.04m³) (minimum 2 coats)
SpECtop NS GRAINS      25kg bags @ 2kg net/m²
Size      Medium 0.4-0.7mm
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SpECtop ARE300

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