SpECtop LFC is a two component product
consisting of a bag of specially selected
cements, graded sands and plasticisers and a
liquid component, which is a blend of copolymers.
When mixed, the product provides a smooth,
self-levelling material, which can be laid to a
feather edge.

Technical Details

SpECtop LFC provides a self-levelling, cement based underlay material for a wide range of floor finishes including carpets, tiles, vinyl sheet, linoleum and rubber sheet.
• Pre-measured components giving consistent performance
• Polymer modified to ensure excellent adhesion to prepared substrate
• Curing is not generally required
• Easy to lay and excellent early strength grain

Typical results @ 25°C Pot life 

10 minutes 
Flow (BS 890 Cone) 

>30 cm 

Compressive strength 

28 days 

20.0 N/mm² 

56 days 

26.0 N/mm² 
Typical thickness 

from feather edge up to 10mm 

Surface preparation
It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECtop LFC. Light sweep blasting is recommended to ensure the removal of all laitance, grease and oil.

The substrate must be primed using SpECtop LFC Primer at the rate of 5-7 m²/litre. On very porous substrates it may be necessary to apply a second coat of primer if absorption is noted to be high. The primer/sealer must completely seal the floor or air release will cause bubbles to form in the SpECtop LFC.

Allow the primer to become touch dry.

SpECtop LFC is supplied as a two component pack consisting of a liquid component and a powder component.
Add approximately 50% of the liquid component to a clean 25 litre steel drum and gradually add the powder whilst mixing using a slow speed heavy duty drill fitted with a suitable mixing paddle (SpEC Technical Department can advise). Mix for 2 minutes. Slowly add the remaining liquid whilst mixing and continue mixing for a further 2 minutes.

Pour the mixed product onto the primed substrate and spread using a squeegee or a pin screed. The material must then be rolled using a spiked roller with spikes of a length greater than the depth to be laid. There should be no delay between levelling the product and spike rolling. Troweling is not required. For large areas good site organisation is essential and the use of a grout pump may prove beneficial. SpEC Technical Department can advise of the types of pump available.
SpECtop LFC is supplied as a two product component weighing 21.6kg with a yield of 11 litres.

SpECtop LFC Primer is supplied in 5 and 20 litre packs with a coverage rate of 5 m²/litre.
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