SpECtite PAR800


SpECtite PAR800 is a fibre-reinforced pitch-based single-component waterproofing, anti-root membrane. its special formulation rejects any type of root without causing damage to plants.

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Technical Details

To provide waterproofing with remarkable anti-root properties such as:
• Green roofs.
• Roof gardens.
• Planter boxes.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
• Easy and quick application.
• Excellent waterproofing capabilities.
• High tensile strength.
• Excellent elasticity.
• Mositure tolerant.
Appearance Black viscous liquid
Solids content 60 ± 5%
Cure time @ 25°C & 50% R.H. 12-24 hours touch dry,7 days full cure
Application temperature 5°C to 60°C
Shore 00/A @ 25°C (ASTM C836/05) 90/30
Tensile strength ASTM D 412-98a 1.5 N/mm2 (excl. Geotextile)
Ultimate elongation ASTM D 412-98a >600% (excl. Geotextile)
Puncture resistance (ASTM D4833) >220±20 N
Typical System Thickness (wft) 1.5 – 2mm

(2 coats SpECtite PAR800 + Geotextile)

Surface Preparation:
Concrete surfaces must be float or shutter finished. The surfaces must be free of cavities and projections. Blockwork or brickwork must be flush pointed and of a uniform finish.

The surfaces should be made dry, clean, dust and frost free to expose a sound, clean substrate.

Priming Application:
Priming is not normally necessary on good quality concrete, however for particularly porous or metal surfaces, SpECtite PAR800 Primer must be used.
SpECtite PAR800 should be applied after the primer has become touch dry, usually 2-4 hours following application, but before it has fully reacted.
If the SpECtite PAR800 is not applied within 48 hours after priming, the surfaces should be re-primed.

The quantity of material used per coat may vary depending on the porosity of the substrate and the surface profile.

Apply the first coat and allow it to become tacky.

Apply the SpEC Geotextile and gently roll into the tacky first coat using a ribbed steel roller. Once the first coat is touch dry, apply the second coat at right angles to the first coat to ensure and even coating application.

• Only airless spray should be used
• Graco King 60 to 1 ratio or similar
• Compressor:- 100 psi, 60 cfm min
• Tip Size:- 28/30 thous. 50° angle
SpECtite PAR800 is supplied in 18 litre drums. SpECtite PAR800 Primer is supplied in 5 litre and 15 litre drums.

Coverage rates may vary depending on the substrate. As an average on a smooth surface, the coverage rate for SpECtite PAR800 is 1m2/litre at 1mm wft and 6-10m2/litre for SpECtite PAR800 Primer.
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SpECtite PAR800

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