SpECtop SRE500


SpECtop SRE500 is a two-part epoxy resin
system which produces a high build, hard wearing,
chemically resistant floor coating. Where required
SpECtop NS GRAINS may be included to produce a
slip resistant surface.

Technical Details

SpECtop SRE500 may be used in industrial and commercial situations to provide an abrasion resistant finish in areas subjected to traffic, chemical attack and surface water, such as:

· Car parks
· Loading bays
· Walkways
· Chemical production facilities
· Dairies
· Beverage production units
· Wet working area
· Abrasion resistant
· High build and therefore requiring low maintenance
· Resistant to a wide range of chemicals (see Chemical Resistance Chart)
· Solvent free to minimise disruption
· Slip resistance to suit site conditions
· Available in a range of colours to demarcate areas and provide a light reflective floor

Typical results @ 20°C Compressive strength (BS 6319) 

60 N/mm² @ 7 days 
Flexural strength (BS 6319) 

35 N/mm² @ 7 days 

Tensile strength 

15.0 N/mm² 
Pull Off strength 

3.07 N/mm² 

Water Absorption Coefficient of thermal 



Solids content 

VOC Content (USEPA 24) 

27 g/L 

Pot life 

50 mins 
Intercoat time (min) 

12 hrs 

Intercoat time (max) 

36 hrs 
Exposure to Foot traffic 

1 day 

Exposure to Vehicular traffic 

3 days 
Exposure to Chemicals 

7 days 

Typical system thickness (dft, excluding NS Grains) 


It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECtop SRE500.

Grit blasting is recommended to ensure the removal of all laitance, grease and oil. The resultant surface should be dry and dust free. Cracked and damaged areas must be made good with appropriate repair materials.

SpECtop SRE500 may be applied to properly prepared concrete without the use of a primer providing:
· The moisture level of the concrete is less than 75% when tested in accordance with BS8203 Annex 4.
· The wet film thickness for the first coat does not exceed 250µm. It is essential that a wet film thickness gauge is used to monitor average thickness during application.

Otherwise use SpECtop Primer F1 or SpECtop Primer FX as follows:

The contents of the curing agent should be emptied into the base component and stirred with a spatula until the product appears uniform.

The mixed primer should then be applied to the prepared substrate by a stiff brush at 10-15 m²/litre.

If the primer appears to be absorbed into the surface easily, it will be necessary to apply a second coat once the initial coat is tack-free. It is essential that the primer is tack-free prior to the application of the topping. The application of SpECtop SRE500 should commence between 8-24 hours after priming. If this period is exceeded, then the surface of the primer should be lightly abraded and a fresh priming coat applied.

SpECtop SRE500 is supplied in a two- component kit consisting of a curing agent and a pigmented base component.

Both of the components should be briefly stirred to ensure that any settlement products are fully suspended. Empty the entire contents of the curing agent into the base component. To ensure that all material is extracted, the insides of the tins should be scraped. The curing agent and the base component should be mixed with a slow speed, heavy duty electric drill and a spiral mixing paddle for at least five minutes and until the material appears uniform in colour and consistency.

The first coat of SpECtop SRE500 is applied by a medium pile roller at a desired wet film thickness.
The quantity of material used per coat and the number of coats may vary dependant on the porosity of the substrate and the surface profile.
If a slip resistant profile is required, the first coat is completely blinded with SpECtop NS GRAINS. This should be carried out while the coating is still wet.

When the first coat has reached its initial cure (12 hours @ 20°C), the excess aggregate should be removed by vacuum from the surface.

The top coat is then applied again by a medium pile roller. Where a smooth finish is required, the top coat is applied as per the first coat.

For slip resistant floors the topcoat of SpECtop SRE500 should provide a continuous film of material and also completely seal the surface of the SpECtop NS GRAINS. The consumption rate of materials for this type of application will be heavier for the top coat due to the increase in the surface area to be coated.

Where UV resistance is required, overcoat with SpECtop UV.
SpECtop SRE500 4.5 litre and 15 litre units @ 200µm wft:
1st coat – 5.0 m²/litre   2nd coat – 5.0 m²/litre (smooth finish)  2nd coat – 4.0 m²/litre (slip resistant)
SpECtop NS GRAINS  25kg bags @ 2kg net/m²
Sizes   Medium 0.4 – 0.7mm
SpECtop Primer F1
@ 10-15 m²/litre    1 litre pack gives 10-15m² 5 litre packs gives 50-75m²
SpECtop Primer FX
@ 5 m²/litre    1 litre & 5 litre pack gives 5m²
SpECtop UV
4.5 litre and 15 litre units @ 100µm dft:    10.0 m²/litre
The rates indicated are for guidance only. The consumption of material will be dependent on the porosity and the condition of the substrate.
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