SpECtop MF


SpECtop MF is a three component polyurethane self
smoothing topping available in a range of matt colours.
This can be applied at 3-6mm thickness range.

Technical Details

SpECtop MF is used to provide a medium duty, hard wearing floor finish with exceptional chemical resistance. Typical areas for use are wet and dry process areas where the floor is subjected to heavy traffic, impact and chemical attack.
. Impact resistant
. Seamless and hygienic finish
. Excellent chemical resistance
. Easy to clean and sterilise, low maintenance requirement
. Matt finish
. High abrasion resistance
. Low odour during installation

Typical results at 20°C 

Pot Life 

15 mins 

Fully Cured 

3-5 days 
Compressive strength (BS EN 13892-2) 


Tensile strength (ASTM C307) 

Flexural strength (BS EN 13892-2) 


Abrasion resistance (ASTM D4060): Loss/1000 cycles/1kg – CS17 wheel 

0.12 g 

Temperature resistance 

@3mm -20°C to 90°C 

@6mm -25°C to 100°C 

SpECtop MF is supplied in 12 litre units with a coverage rate of 6 litre/m² at 6mm thickness.
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SpECtop MF

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