SpECtop Armourite E9


SpECtop Armourite E9 is supplied in 25kg bags
and consists of graded emery aggregate blended
with Ordinary Portland cement and plasticisers.

SpECtop Armourite E9 is applied to plastic
concrete and the resulting finished surface
is extremely dense, abrasion resistant and hard
wearing. As the application of SpECtop Armourite
E9 results in the floor curing monolithically with the
topping, excessive shrinkage, cracking etc., is

Technical Details

SpECtop Armourite E9 can be used in any application where an uncoated concrete is required to provide high abrasion, skid and impact resistance.

It is particularly suited for heavy industrial wear.
· Non metallic aggregate
· No additions required – ready to use
· Extremely hard wearing emery aggregate resulting in high resistance to abrasion and impact resistance
· Monolithic bond to host concrete
· Resistant to oils and greases

Compressive strength 

28 days 

70 N/mm² 

Abrasion Resistance 

Test data indicates that Concrete floors treated with SpECtop Armourite E9 exhibit an abrasion resistance 400% better than that exhibited by 40N/mm² concrete on its own. 


When tested against the Mohs hardness scale, the emery aggregate used in SpECtop Armourite E9 provided values in excess of 8.5. 
Impact Resistance 

Testing in accordance with B.S. 8204: Part 1 gave results 5 times better than those required of a screed designed to withstand heavy traffic. 

It is essential that adequate planning of the application is made in advance and that sufficient material is laid out to meet the requirements of the application.

The base concrete slab should have a thickness not less than 80mm and the concrete mix design should be formulated as follows:
Water/cement ratio      <0.50
Cement content/m³     >300 kg
Slump     >75 mm
Air entrainment     <2%
Vacuum dewatering should not be used.

SpECtop Armourite E9 should be applied at the rate of 5 to 7 kg/m² depending on the degree of trafficking anticipated.

SpECtop Armourite E9 must be applied as soon as the base concrete has reached the stage where light foot pressure leaves an indentation of around 5mm or as soon as it is practicable to apply the product correctly without damaging the plastic surface of the base slab.

On large application it is essential that sufficient operatives are available to work at a controlled rate behind the concreting team.

SpECtop Armourite E9 is applied in two applications. The first application utilises two thirds of the chosen application rate and is broadcast evenly across the surface but ensuring the material lands nearly vertically rather than spread horizontally. Once applied the free water in the base concrete will slowly darken the applied material and once this stage is complete wood floating of the surface can commence. Do not over trowel at this stage.

The remaining one third of the material can now be applied and moisture allowed to combine with the material as before and wood floating of the surface can then be completed. Once the floor has attained a degree of stiffness at which light foot trafficking does not mark the surface, steel floating and/or power floating can progress.
SpECtop Armourite E9 is supplied in 25kg bags.
Medium duty     5 kg/m²
Heavy duty     7 kg/m²
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SpECtop Armourite E9

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