SpECtite WTA Latex


SpECtite WTA Latex is a two component
waterproof mortar, consisting of a powder
component and a liquid component.

Technical Details

. Installation of ceramic, stone and marble tiles over masonry, concrete and wooden type surfaces. Application areas include interior and exterior, wet and dry areas, walls, floors and ceilings.
. Interior and exterior use over concrete, plaster, masonry, blockwork and gypsum boards
· Flexible and shock resistant
. Easy to use
. Economical

Pot life @ 25°C 

20 minutes 

grey or white 

Surface Preparation
Substrates should be structurally sound, free from dust, dirt, grease, sealers and curing compounds. Remove old paints, coatings and adhesives. Pre-wet porous substrates but remove standing water.

SpECtite WTA Latex is supplied as a two component pack consisting of a liquid component and a powder component.
In a clean mixing vessel pour the total contents of the liquid component and slowly add the powder component whilst mixing using a slow speed drill(300 rpm) and paddle. Mix until smooth consistency is obtained (2-3 minutes). Leave to stand for 10 minutes and remix.

Apply SpECtite WTA Latex to a clean substrate with the flat edge of the trowel, then comb the product to the desired profile with the notched side of the trowel. Tap the tile with a rubber mallet to fully embed in the adhesive.
SpECtite WTA Latex is supplied as a 30kg pack consisting of 25kg of powder and 5 kg of liquid. The yield is approximately 14 litres.

. 9.50 m²/pack using a 3mm x 3mm notched trowel
. 4.50 m²/pack using a 6mm x 6mm notched trowel
. 2.50 m²/pack using a 12mm x 12mm notched trowel
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SpECtite WTA Latex

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