SpECbuild EM


SpECbuild EM is a solvent free, three-component
epoxy mortar with high strength and abrasion
resistant characteristics. The product has been
developed for repairing and resurfacing concrete
floors, or where spalled concrete needs to be
permanently repaired. The material may be
applied in vertical situations in thinner layers.

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Technical Details

SpECbuild EM is designed to provide repairs to surfaces subjected to mechanical and chemical attack in areas such as, industrial floors, warehouses, acid tanks, sewage lining and sea walls. SpECbuild EM is also suitable as a transition strip against mechanical joint systems.
· High mechanical strength.
· Early strength gain to minimize disruption.
· Resistant to aggressive chemicals.
· Highly impervious.
· Slip resistant.
· Waterproof.
· Non-toxic surface (after full cure).

Compressive strength (BS 6319-2) 

63 N/mm² @ 7 days 
Flexural strength (BS 6319-3) 

35 N/mm² @ 7 days 

Tensile strength (ASTM C 307) 

16 N/mm² @ 7 days 
Water Absorption (ASTM C413-01) 

0.31% @ 7 days 

Pot life @ 25°C 

40 – 50 mins 
Initial hardness 

1 day 

Full cure 

7 days 

SpECbuild EM may be applied horizontally in layers of 50mm maximum and 5mm minimum. In vertical situations where the use of formwork is not possible, the maximum layer thickness is 10mm. SpECbuild EM is not recommended for overhead application.

It is essential that adequate surface preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECbuild EM.

Grit blasting is recommended to ensure the removal of all laitance, grease and oil. The resulting surface should be dry and dust free.

The repair boundary should be cut back to a depth of at least 10mm to avoid feather edging.

All corroded steel should be completely exposed including the rear of the bar to enable thorough cleaning. The steel should be cleaned to bright metal immediately prior to the application of SpECcoat Zn25 zinc rich protective coating. Apply one coat of SpECcoat Zn25 to the cleaned steel ensuring full coverage, allow to dry before commencing the next step.

The prepared surface should be primed with SpECtop Primer F1.

The contents of the curing agent should be emptied into the base component and stirred with a spatula until the product appears uniform.

The mixed primer should then be applied to the prepared substrate by a stiff brush at 10-15m²/litre.

If the primer appears to be absorbed into the surface easily, it will be necessary to apply a second coat once the initial coat is tack free.

Allow the primer to become tacky prior to the application of SpECbuild EM.

SpECbuild EM is supplied as a three-component kit consisting of a base component, a curing agent and a bag of selected, graded aggregate.
The two resin components should be stirred separately before mixing the two together to a homogeneous consistency. The entire quantity of the resin is placed into an appropriately sized forced action mixer and the aggregate is slowly added to the resin with the mixer running. Continue to mix for a further 3 to 5 minutes until all the components are thoroughly blended. The mixing of part packs should not be undertaken.

Apply the mixed product firmly onto the tacky primer using a trowel to build the required thickness and use a wooded float to ensure complete compaction and a secure bond. Where access to the substrate is difficult such as around steel reinforcement a gloved hand may be used for placing. The application is always completed by closing the surface of the mortar with a steel trowel before it sets.

Application in excess of the thickness quoted previously may be achieved by scratch-keying the previous layer. Subsequent layers should then be applied within 10-12 hours. If this time is exceeded the surface should be reprimed prior to the succeeding applications.

Where SpECbuild EM is used in a hygienic situation then it may be overcoated with a suitable epoxy resin coating such as SpECtop ARE125.
SpECbuild EM is supplied in 12 litre (0.012m³) packs. Each pack gives 2.4m² at 5mm thick.

SpECtop Primer F1 is supplied in 1, 5 and 15 litre packs. The coverage is approximately 10-15 m²/litre.
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SpECbuild EM

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