SpECtite PVC Waterstop


SpECtite PVC Waterstop is a high grade PVC
extrusion formulated to meet the highest
performance specifications. SpECtite PVC
Waterstops are supplied as straight lengths along
with factory fabricated junction pieces to simplify
layouts and site jointing.

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Technical Details

SpECtite PVC Waterstop provides a continuous netwok solution for sealing construction and movement joints in cast, in-situ concrete structures. Typical uses include:

Water retaining
• Tanks, reservoirs and sewerage plants
• Swimming pools
• Elevated water towers
• Oil storage tank bond walls
• Culverts, canals and dams

Water excluding
• Basements
• Underground car parks
• Buried storage tanks
• Retaining walls
• Bridge abutments
• Tunnels and subways
• Unique design
• Full range of profiles
• Full range of factory fabricated junctions
• Continuous 4 valve network
• Reinforced edge flange with brass eyelets on internal sections for secure fixing
• Easy jointing system
• Approved for use in contact with potable water

Profiles Form 

Extruded PVC profiles 


Hydrostatic head 

Up to 12m 
Joint movement PVC Compound 

Up to 12mm 

Tensile strength min. 

14.7 N/mm² 

Elongation at break min. 


Shore A hardness 

SpECtite PVC Waterstop
250mm wide 12m rolls
200mm wide 15m rolls
150mm wide 20m rolls
ECJ Kicker 12m roll
EAJ 3m roll

SpECtite Heater Blades
110v and 220v, 350w blades are available. Warning: Ensure that heater blades are earthed by the green/yellow wire
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SpECtite PVC Waterstop

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