SpECtite PU-Flex Primer


SpECtite PU-Flex Primer is a high performance
primer sealer based on SBR copolymer resins.

Technical Details

SpECtite PU-Flex Primer is typically used for sealing and priming porous cement type substrates and boards prior to applying SpECtite PU-Flex Primer.
• For interior and exterior use
• Very good sealing properties
• Excellent foundation for cementitious waterproofing and self-levelling product
• Very good adhesive strength
• Moisture vapour permeable
• Quick drying
• Almost odourless
• Water based – Environmentally friendly

Typical results @ 20°C Colour 

Specific Gravity 


Drying time 

30 – 60 minutes 
Overcoating Interval 

2 – 48 hours 

Surface preparation
It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECtite PU-Flex Primer.
SpECtite PU-Flex Primer can be applied by brush and roller at the rate of 7 – 10 m²/litre. On very porous substrates it may be necessary to apply a second coat of primer if absorption is noted to be high. The primer/sealer must completely seal the floor or air release will cause bubbles to form in the subsequent layers of coatings.

Allow the primer to become touch dry.
SpECtite PU-Flex Primer is supplied in 5 and 20 litre packs with a coverage rate of 7 – 10 m²/litre.
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SpECtite PU-Flex Primer

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