SpECtite Elastobond


SpECtite Elastobond is is a two component,
polymer modified waterproof membrane which is
supplied in ready to mix kits. When mixed, an easily
brushable coating is produced. It can simply be
applied by a stiff brush, roller, or trowel to obtain the
desired thickness.

SpECtite Elastobond consists of specially selected
cements, graded hard-wearing aggregates and
additives supplied in powder form together with a
liquid component of polymers providing exceptional
adhesion, resiliency, flexibility, toughness and

Technical Details

SpECtite Elastobond fully cured, provides a seamless elastic waterproof membrane for use in roof areas, wet areas, pre-cast joints where a tough elastomeric water tight membrane is required.
• Can be applied to damp substrates
• No primer required
• Elastomeric – able to bridge cracks
• Able to take foot traffic when cured
• Factory pre-blended two component system ensure quality control at site

Solid Content 

Drying time 


Tack free time 

≤4 hours 
Pot Life 

≥45 minutes 

Elongation @ break 

Elongation @ break 
Hydrostatic test at water pressure of 0.3 MPa for 30 mins (min. 1.0 mm WFT): 

No penetration 

Bonding strength to damp substrate: 

0.8 MPa ± 0.1 

All surfaces which are to receive SpECtite Elastobond coating must be free from oil, grease, wax, dirt or any other form of foreign matter which might affect adhesion. Spalled and deeply disintegrated concrete should be removed to sound concrete and repaired with the Concrete Repair System.

The SpECtite Elastobond liquid concentrate is poured from the plastic drum into a suitable container (about 30 litres) and mixed mechanically with a slow speed drill (350-450 rpm). Add the powder component gradually to the liquid avoiding lump formation and mix for 4 – 5 minutes until a smooth consistent mix is achieved. Use the material within the recommended pot life.

Dampen the surface before coating with SpECtite Elastobond. Sweep excess water to avoid ponding on horizontal areas. Apply the properly mixed SpECtite Elastobond with a short bristle brush or trowel at a WFT of 0.5mm. A minimum of 2 coats required for desired properties.

The first coat of SpECtite Elastobond should be allowed to dry for 2 – 4 hours prior to application of second coat as above.

The application direction for two coats should be vertical to each other.
SpECtite Elastobond is supplied in 16kg two partpacks.

A complete mixed pack will cover approximately 10.7m² at 0.8mm WFT & 8.4m² at 1mm WFT depending on the substrate profile.
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SpECtite Elastobond

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