SpECgrout C2


SpECgrout C2 is a pre-bagged, one part cementitious grout. After the addition of clean water, the
material produces a free-flowing grout, which provides maximum contact area to the structure being
grouted. This is due to the unique shrinkage compensation system utilised in the manufacturing process.

Technical Details

.SpECgrout C2 may be used in all grouting applications, where maximum contact area is required and where high flow characteristics are desired, such as during the installation of:
· Anchor bolts
· Precast units
· Crane rails
· Turbines
· Generators
· Pressing and milling machines
· By altering the material’s consistency, other operations may be carried out, for instance, filling holes due to formwork ties
· Unique non-metallic shrinkage compensation provides maximum contact between baseplate and hardened grout
· Consistent high performance
· Extremely high flow characteristics with excellent retention of flow, even at high ambient temperatures
· Suitable for placing by pump
· High bond strength to steel and concrete
· High compressive strength at early stages allowing minimal downtime on machinery
· Good impact and fatigue resistance
· Micro silica content enhances strength and durability
· Extremely low permeability

Typical results @ 20±3°C (Plastic Consistency) Compressive strength (ASTM C109) 

3 Days 

40±5 N/mm² 

7 Days 

55±5 N/mm² 
28 Days 

70±5 N/mm² 

Flexural strength (ASTM C348) 

28 Days 

10±2 N/mm² 

Setting time (ASTM C403) 

Initial set 

5.5 hours 

Final set 

6.5 hours 

Gap width 




It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECgrout C2. This preparation should ensure the removal of all grease, oil and loose material.

To avoid absorption and reduction in flow characteristics, it is essential that the prepared substrate is soaked with clean water for a few hours prior to grouting. Prior to placing the grout, any water remaining on the surface should be removed by blowing clean with oil free compressed air.

The underside of the base plate to be grouted should be clean and any oil or grease MUST be removed. The underside should preferably have no geometry, which would impede the flow of grout. Should cruciforms be present, it is essential that air release holes are drilled through the base plate to avoid trapping air hence reducing the total contact area.

All formwork should be sealed to prevent loss of grout during pouring. The formwork should be tight to the base plate and parallel to the direction of flow. A gap of around 100mm is required at the pouring hopper with a gap of around 50mm at the opposite end.

SpECgrout C2 is a one-part cementitious grout.

SpECgrout C2 must be mixed using a slow speed electric drill fitted with a SpECgrout mixing paddle. This method is suitable for small quantities. For larger quantities it may be necessary to consider the use of a grout pump. Advice can be provided by our Technical Service Department on the type of pumps available.

Good planning is essential to ensure a continuous flow of grout once pouring commences.

The specified water quantity should be measured in an accurately graduated vessel and added to the mixer. Thebagged powder is then added slowly whilst mixing. A mixing time of not less than five minutes is required to ensure adequate dispersal of the ingredients.

The recommended water used per 25kg bag is 5.5 litre to 7.25 litre (for plastic/flowable consistency).

The product cannot be mixed by hand

The grout should be poured immediately after mixing and certainly not more than 20 minutes after mixing is complete, to take full advantage of the high flow properties.

Again, planning is imperative to ensure that sufficient grout is available to allow continuity of placing.

The mixed product should always be poured from the hopper end of the formwork. On no account should grout be poured from more than one side of the base plate. Maintenance of a fluid head is essential to avoid air entrapment. Once the grouting has been completed, all exposed areas of grout should be cured immediately using SpECcure WE curing membrane.
SpECgrout C2 is supplied in 25kg bags. Each bag when mixed with water will provide approximately 12 litres of mixed material depending on water addition
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SpECgrout C2

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