SpECcord is a closed cell polyethylene foam
supplied in cord form for use as a back-up material
for joint sealants. It is available in diameters from
6mm to 50mm.

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Technical Details

SpECcord is used as a sealant back-up rod in movement joints where cold applied sealants are used, such as joints in or between:
· Concrete, blockwork and brickwork.
· Concrete, GRC and GRP precast panels.
· Metal cladding panels.
· Aluminium and concrete or blockwork structures.
· Aluminium members (non-structural glazing).
· Floor and roof joints (cold applied sealants).
· Door and window frames.
· Economical
· Non-hazardous
· Easy to install
· Excellent movement absorption
· Good chemical resistance.
· Acts as a bond breaker eliminating 3-way sealant adhesion
· Not impaired by climatic extremes
· Provides minimum strain shape for sealants


24.9 kg/cm³ 
Compression recovery 


Thermal conductivity 

0.0540 W/mK 
Water absorption 

0.001 g/cm³ 

Tensile Strength 

0.25 N/mm² 
Compressive Force @ 25% Compression 


Temperature stability 

-10°C to +80°C 


Resistant to 

fungi, moulds, bacteria & mild chemicals 

Size Selection
The diameter of the cord should be about 25% greater than the width of the joint so that the cord fits tightly in, providing a firm support for the sealant and ensuring correct sealant profile.

After selecting the correct size, push fit the cord into the sealing slot using a blunt tool. Do not use any sharp objects or tools that could puncture, cut and damage the cord.

Watch Points
· If a primer needs to be used, apply the primer first and wait for it to dry before installing the cord. Solvents in the primer will damage the cord.
· After installation ensure that sufficient depth is maintained for the sealant as recommended by the sealant manufacturer.
· Do not cut the cord into halves or parts, as this will affect its performance
SpECcord is supplied in bags as follows:
Diameter Joint Width Coil Length
6mm 4 – 5 mm 800m
10mm 7 – 8 mm 800m
15mm 10 – 12 mm 360m
20mm 15 mm 200m
25mm 20 mm 100m
30mm 25 mm 100m
40mm 30 mm 100m
50mm 40 mm 100m
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