SpECcoat Zn25


SpECcoat Zn25 is a one-part primer based on a
blend of epoxy resin and zinc.

Technical Details

SpECcoat Zn25 is recommended as a primer for exposed reinforcement where a corrosion resistant primer is specified. It is specifically developed for use with SpECbuild cementitious repair mortars
· One part
· High metallic zinc content inhibits corrosion
· Compatible with SpECbuild cementitious mortars

Specific Gravity 


Overcoating time: 


10°C  20°C  30°C 


(max)  120min  60min  40min 



60min  30min  20min 


Typical wft 

150 microns 
Typical dft 

45 microns 

It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECcoat Zn25. If it is determined that chloride ingress was the cause of the corrosion, the grit blasted area should be treated by high pressure washing.

Any corroded reinforcing steel should be grit blasted to bright metal, to remove all scale and corrosion products. It is essential this treatment continues over the rear of the reinforcing steel.

It is essential that there is no delay in the application of SpECcoat Zn25 once the steel is dry. Delays greater than one hour should be avoided.

Stir the contents of the tin to ensure that any settlement is redispersed.

The product should be applied by brush ensuring continuous coverage over the total surface area of the exposed steel. It may be necessary to apply a second coat if it is felt that some gaps may exist in the first coat. In this case allow the first coat to dry fully before application of the second coat. (Refer to Technical Data).

Once the priming operation is complete and has fully dried, it is essential that the repair mortar is applied as soon as possible. In environments where high temperature & high humidity prevail, this period should not exceed three days.
1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre tins.
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SpECcoat Zn25

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