SpECcoat MHL


SpECcoat MHL is a three-component solvent-free,
thixotropic epoxy compound, specifically formulated
to provide a protective lining to concrete elements
where chemical and abrasion resistance is required.

Technical Details

· Ideally suited for the reinstatement of manholes and outfalls.
· As a protective lining to exposed concrete in sewage works.
· Solvent free – non-hazardous in enclosed areas
· Highly impervious
· Excellent abrasion resistance
· Excellent impact resistance
· Excellent chemical resistance
· Trowels to a smooth finish
· Slip resistant
· Non-tainting

Typical values Compressive strength (ASTM C-109) 

50±5 N/mm² @ 1 day 

65±5 N/mm² @ 7 days 

70±5 N/mm² @ 14 days 

Flexural strength (ASTM C-348) 

25±5 N/mm² @ 7 days 
Tensile strength (ASTM C-307) 

10±2 N/mm² @ 7 days 

Water absorption (ASTM C-413-94) 

0.5 to 1.0% 
Pot life 

1 hour 

Initial Hardness 

1 day 
Full cure 

7 days 

The substrate must be thoroughly prepared by either high pressure water jetting or by light grit blasting. Any contaminants such as oil, grease or laitance must be removed completely.

The prepared surface should be primed with SpECbuild Primer E1.

The contents of the curing agent should be emptied into the base component and stirred with a spatula until the product appears uniform.

The mixed primer should then be applied to the prepared substrate by a stiff brush at 5 m²/litre. If the primer appears to be absorbed into the surface easily, it will be necessary to apply a second coat once the initial coat is tack-free.

SpECcoat MHL is supplied in a three-component pack consisting of one tin of resin, one tin of hardener and one bag of specially selected fillers.

The product must be mixed as follows:

Empty the contents of the hardener tin into the base component and mix with a slow speed drill and paddle until uniform.
Empty the mixed resin and hardener into a clean 25 litre steel pail and whilst mixing, slowly add the filler component. The sides of the pail should be scraped down during mixing to ensure that all the ingredients are thoroughly blended. Mixing should continue for at least 5 minutes.

SpECcoat MHL should be applied to the prepared and primed substrate using a steel trowel. The product should be pressed onto the surface in thickness no greater than 12mm vertically and in hot conditions it may be necessary to reduce the build to 10mm to avoid sagging. If subsequent layers are required, finishing of the first layer should be minimal to provide a mechanical key for the subsequent layer, which must be applied 24 hours later. The final layer should be close trowelled to achieve the desired finish.
SpECcoat MHL is supplied in 12 litre units. Coverage
@ 12mm thick:       1 m²/pack

SpECbuild Primer E1 is supplied in 5 litre packs. Coverage 5m² / litre
SpECcoat Cleaning Fluid is supplied in 5 litre packs.
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SpECcoat MHL

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