SpECbuild SC


SpECbuild SC is a pre-bagged, one part,
cementitious mortar. The product is designed to
be applied as a skim coating to provide a fair faced
finish to rough and uneven concrete or masonry

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Technical Details

SpECbuild SC is designed to improve the smoothness and regularity of concrete and masonry surfaces as in the following situations:
· Reinstating concrete surface defects such as blowholes.
· To provide a uniform surface over repaired surfaces.
· Correcting errors with respect to line and level.
· Pre-bagged to ensure constant high quality.
· Easy to use. Needs only the addition of clean water
· No need for a primer or a curing agent in normal conditions.
· Excellent adhesion to concrete.
· Resistant to shrinkage cracking.
· Free from chloride additives.

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Working Life 

45 mins 

30 mins 

Setting time 45 mins-1.5 hrs 

30mins-1 hr 

Fresh wet density 

2000 kg/m³ 


Compressive Strength (ASTM A 109) 

28 days 

32 N/mm² 

It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECbuild SC. Grit blasting is recommended to ensure the removal of all laitance, grease and oil. The resulting surface should be dust free.

Prior to the application of the product the prepared substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water. When application commences the substrate should be saturated without standing water on the surface.

SpECbuild SC is a one-part cementitious mortar. 6.5 to 7.0 litres of water is required for each 25kg bag of SpECbuild SC.

The product should be mixed in a forced action mixer or in an appropriate sized metal or plastic drum using a slow speed drill and a spiral paddle. The water should always be placed into the mixing vessel before the addition of the SpECbuild SC.

The entire contents of the bag of SpECbuild SC should be emptied into the vessel whilst mixing is in progress. Mixing should continue for 3 to 5 minutes until a uniform, lump free consistency is produced.

SpECbuild SC may be applied in one layer as a thin section render up to 3mm thick. The product may also be used for filling blow holes up to 10mm deep.

The material must not be over worked and should be left to partially set before final finishing. This finishing may be improved by flicking on a very small amount of water prior to troweling.

SpECbuild SC is resistant to shrinkage cracking however the material should be protected from extreme conditions such as hot winds or freezing conditions. SpECcure AC or SpECcure WE may be sprayed on to reduce the rapid drying out of the surface. In cold conditions the material should be protected from freezing.
A single 25kg bag of SpECbuild SC will provide approximately 12.5 litres (0.0125m³) of mixed material.

At 3mm thick a 25kg bag will provide sufficient mixed material for 4.2m².
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SpECbuild SC

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