SpECcoat BC121


SpECcoat BC121 is a non-slumping epoxy bedding
compound and adhesive. It is a two-component epoxy
based mortar filled with selected fine aggregate. It is a
fast curing material, ideal for a variety of bedding, gap
filling and concrete repair applications.

SpECcoat BC121 is a stiff but easily workable
compound that can be applied by either trowel,
spatula or knife. It cures to give excellent
mechanical properties, typical of epoxy compounds. It
is resistant to oils, greases, petroleum, salts, many
acids and alkalis and most common corrosive
chemicals. It does not shrink on curing and is
designed to be used when cured from below freezing
point to 60°C. Its impact resistance and mechanical
strength is greater than that of concrete.

Technical Details

SpECcoat BC121 is designed for surface repairs of fine cracks and spalls. For gap filling, grouting, bedding fixtures etc. For repair to arises without the use of formwork. The product should be used to fill defects prior to overcoating with SpECcoat or SpECtop products.

SpECcoat BC121 can be used in a range of applications such as:
• Bedding bridge beams or steel bridge bearings
• Repairing surface defects or honeycombing of concrete in horizontal, vertical or overhead situations
• Fixing slip bricks to concrete
• Securing bolts into walls
• Dowel bars anchoring
• As a gap filling adhesive
• Filling bolt pockets
• Repairing concrete posts in-situ
• Fixing of surface ports for crack injection
• Non-slump
• Strong adhesion
• Impact resistant
• Non-shrink
• Trowels to a smooth finish
• Easy to use
• Supplied in pre-weighed units
• No bonding agent or primer required

TYPICAL VALUES @ 20±3°C Typical test data 



Specific gravity 

Compressive strength 

45±5 N/mm @ 7 days 

Bond strength 

Greater than the cohesive strength of concrete 
Pot life 

60±5 mins 

Tack free time 

8±2 hrs 
Full cure 

7 days @ 25°C 

All loose particles, laitance, dust and grease etc., must be removed prior to the application of SpECcoat BC121.

SpECcoat BC121 is supplied in a two-component kit consisting of a base component and a curing agent.

1. The product may be proportioned by volume for small repairs at a ratio of 1:1 and not suitable to use for large area.
2. Full pack mixing – both base and hardener units should be emptied into a suitable mixing vessel and mixed, either by hand, using trowel or using a slow speed drill and paddle.

Knife or trowel, SpECcoat BC121 to the required level. Where a very deep recess is to be filled, it may be necessary to build up in layers.
SpECcoat BC121 is supplied in 3 kg packs.
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SpECcoat BC121

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