SpECcell Polyethylene 100


SpECcell Polyethylene is a semi-rigid, U.V.
resistant, high performance closed cell polyethylene
foam joint filler in sheet form. It is suitable for use as
an expansion joint filler in concrete, brick, blockwork
and isolation joints, where a readily compressible
low load transfer joint filler is required.

SpECcell Polyethylene is non-tainting and
therefore suitable for use in potable water
retaining and water excluding structures.

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Technical Details

SpECcell Polyethylene may be used in the following applications:
. Structural expansion joints in concrete, brick and blockwork
. Isolation joints to infill panels
. Bridge joints, abutments, pier hinge joints
. As a back-up support for sealants
. As a bond breaker for sealants over bituminous joint fillers
. Anti-vibration pads for machinery bases
SpECcell Polyethylene meets the following requirements:
. Completely fills the joints under repeated cycles of expansion and contraction
. Resistant to moisture penetration and ice formation in the joint
. Will not support dry or wet rot, fungus attack or similar forms of deteriorating agents
. Non-taint
. Cross-laminated to resist lateral and hydrostatic pressure
. Natural bond breaker
. Low load transfer to joint edges under compression





Thermal conductivity 

Water absorption 


Operating temperature 

– 40°C to +70°C 
Recovery at 50% compression 

Average – 98% 


Nil – compressed to 50% 
Weathering test Bacteriological 

No disintegration 

attack resistance 

Fire effect 

Being a thermoplastic material, SpECcell Polyethylene will melt. The rate of spread of flame will be minimised when confined in a joint. 

Compression loading 

Meets the requirements of BS 5628 Part 3. At the very low rate of compression associated with the moisture expansion of fired clay brickwork, the compression loads will satisfy the advisory “about 0.1N/mm²” in the B.S. 5628 Code of Practice. 

SpECcell Polyethylene is a compressible joint filler in sheet form, used to form and fill expansion joints.
In concrete
SpECcell Polyethylene can be placed against formwork on the concreting side prior to placing the first section of concrete and is left in place on removal of the formwork. The subsequent pour is then cast directly against the SpECcell Polyethylene. The fibre board is then cut back later to form the sealing slot.

In blockwork and brick
SpECcell Polyethylene should be installed, whilst laying brick or blockwork, in such a way that a sealing slot, of the required dimensions is formed.
SpECcell Polyethylene is available in the following sizes:
. Thickness: 10, 15, 20 & 25mm
. Board size: 1m ×2m
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SpECcell Polyethylene 100

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