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Bostik H785 HIGH TACK is a high quality professional hybrid adhesive with an extremely high initial tack. Bostik H785 HIGH TACK fulfill BREEAM specifications mentioned in chapter ‘Health and Wellbeing’, Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality, regarding volatile organic compound (VOC) emission levels (products).

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Technical Details

Bostik H785 HIGH TACK was specifically developed as a universal high grip and high strength adhesive for bonding many building materials such as: stone, concrete, mirrors, glass, plasterboard, PU, PVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramic, copper, lead, zinc, tin, aluminium, metals, alloys, stainless steel, HPL and cement fibre panels (*) and wood.
– Direct tack, no support required
– High strength
– No isocyanates and solvents
– Permanently elastic
– Neutral curing
– Resistant to moisture and weather influences
– Adheres perfectly without primer on most, even damp, surfaces
100% modulus DIN 53504 S2 1,39 N/mm2
Application rate @ Ø 2,5 mm/6,3 bar 20 g/min
Application temperature +5°C to + 40°C
Base Hybrid
Curing time @ +23°C/50% RH 2-3 mm/24 hours
Density ISO 1183-1 1,57 g/ml
Elongation at break DIN 53504 S2 335%
Flow ISO 7390 < 2 mm
Frost resistance during transportation Up to – 15°C
Shore A hardness DIN 53505 55
Skin formation DBTM 10.00 15 min. @ +23°C/50% RH
Temperature resistance *- 20°C to + 75°C
Tensile strength DIN 53504 S2 2,2 N/mm2
These values are typical properties and may vary +/-3%
Apply adhesive with the provided V-nozzle in a ‘ventilating way’ in vertical stripes with 20 – 40cm distance between stripes. Bring the materials into position and press firmly so that the adhesive is a minimum of 2 – 3mm thick between material and surface. Do not apply the adhesive in dots! Because of the high initial strength, support during curing is usually not necessary. For further questions please contact our technical department. SURFACE PREPARATIONS AND FINISHING Application temperature + 5°C to + 40°C (applies to environment and substrates). Due to the structure of the Bostik H785 HIGH TACK we recommend using a professional caulking gun with the correct transmission in combination with the V-nozzle. All substrates must be solid, clean and free from grease and dust. Clean substrates with Bostik T100 UNIVERSAL CLEANER. Bostik H785 HIGH TACK adheres perfectly without the use of primer to most non porous substrates. Porous substrates to be pre-treated with Bostik T300 UNIVERSAL PRIMER. Always test adhesion prior to application.
– 290 ml Cartridge, 12 per box
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Product FAQ

Bostik H785 HIGH TACK is not suitable for:
– PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastics, neoprene, and bituminous substrates
– Continuous exposure to water
– Movement joints
Bostik H785 HIGH TACK is typically stocked in white. However, it can be produced in other colors as a custom order. Please contact our sales department for more information on custom color options.
No, Bostik H785 HIGH TACK is a neutral curing adhesive, which means it does not contain harsh chemicals or oils that could leave stains. This makes it perfect for use on mirrors and natural stones without the risk of leaving acidic marks.
“High tack” refers to the adhesive’s ability to create a strong initial bond immediately upon contact with the surfaces being joined. This high initial tack minimizes or eliminates the need for additional support or clamping during the curing process, making it easier to use in various applications. “Instant bond” means the adhesive quickly adheres to surfaces upon application, providing immediate holding power and allowing for faster handling and processing.

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Bostik H785 Adhesive

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