SpECtop TE5


SpECtop TE5 is a three-part trowel applied epoxy
floor screed that produces an extremely dense,
durable, chemically resistant floor topping.

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Technical Details

SpECtop TE5 may be used in industrial and commercial situations to produce floor surfaces able to withstand mechanical abrasion and the spillage of liquids including aggressive chemicals, in situations such as:
· Heavy engineering plants
· Chemical handling and process areas
· Oil refineries
· Workshops
· Battery rooms
· High impact and abrasion resistant
· Resistance to a wide range of chemicals (see Chemical Resistance Chart)
· Slip resistant
· Available in a range of colours

Typical results @ 7 days Compressive strength (ASTM C – 109) 

72 N/mm² 
Tensile strength (ASTM C – 307) 

15 N/mm² 

Flexural strength (ASTM C – 348) 

35 N/mm² 
Typical system thickness 


It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECtop TE5.

Grit blasting is recommended and must result in the removal of all laitance, grease and oil. The resultant surface should be dry and dust free.

The prepared surface should be primed with SpECtop Primer F1.
The contents of the curing agent should be emptied into the contents of the base component and stirred with a spatula until the product appears uniform.

The mixed primer should then be applied to the prepared substrate by a stiff brush at 10-15m²/litre. Do not over apply.

If the primer appears to be absorbed into the surface easily, it will be necessary to apply a second coat once the initial coat is tack-free.

The primer must be tacky whilst applying SpECtop TE5.

SpECtop TE5 is supplied as a three-component kit consisting of a base component, a curing agent and a bag of selected aggregate.

Both of the liquid components should be briefly stirred to ensure that any settlement products are fully suspended.

The most convenient methods of mixing are by using a slow speed, heavy-duty electric drill and a 25 litre steel pail as the mixing vessel or by using a Cretangle or Mixal type mixer.
1. Heavy duty drill and steel pail
Premix base and hardener in the base component tin and then place mixed material in steel mixing pail. Using the slow speed heavy duty drill, start mixing while slowly adding the filler component. Mix for 5 minutes.

2. Cretangle or Mixal mixer
Empty the contents of the aggregate bag into the mixing vessel and pre-blend for a few minutes. Add the contents of the curing agent tin into the base component. To ensure that all of the curing agent is removed, the insides of the tin should be carefully scraped. The products should then be mixed thoroughly until the material appears homogeneous.
Add the mixed base resin and curing agent to the preblended aggregate and mix for at least 3 minutes, stopping the mixer and scraping down the mixing vessel as necessary.

Spread the mixed product onto the tacky primer using a wooden float to achieve a uniform thickness. SpECtop TE5 can be laid at a thickness range of between 3-10mm (typically 5mm).

The wooden float should be used for initial levelling and smoothing of the screed to ensure that the surface remains open to allow air release during compaction. Once levels and compaction are achieved a steel float should be applied to provide the final sealed surface.
SpECtop TE5
12 litres
@ 5mm thickness:      0.20 m²/litre
SpECtop Primer F1
@ 10-15 m²/litre
1 litre pack gives 10-15m²
5 litre pack gives 50-75m²
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SpECtop TE5

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