SpECtop A100


SpECtop A100 is a single pack, penetrating
synthetic acrylic coating which has excellent
adhesion to concrete substrates, porous tiles and
clay products. It cures to form a semi-gloss flexible

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Technical Details

SpECtop A100 provides a coating, which acts as a protective barrier on porous surfaces thus resisting chemical attack and preventing dusting.
· Cures and seals the floor in single operation
· Simple one part product applied by brush or spray
· Prevents dusting
· Waterproof
· Durable surface finish with good abrasion resistance.

A colourless styrene acrylic copolymer resin in fast drying solvent. 

Specific gravity 

0.85 @ 20°C 

Time between coats 

2 hours minimum 
Initial hardness 

6 hours 

Typical system thickness 

100µm dft 

The product can be applied by a roller or spray when the surface water has evaporated after the final finishing operation. The product requires no surface preparation providing the concrete does not exhibit a layer of laitance.
It is essential that a small trial area is prepared to confirm that the slight darkening caused by the coating is acceptable prior to proceeding.
SpECtop A100 may be applied by brush, spray or roller. A continuous coating of uniform thickness should be achieved. A minimum of two coats is recommended.
SpECtop A100 is supplied in the pack sizes given below with the following recommended theoretical coverage rate.
5 litres and 210 litres
@ 170µm wft:
6.0 m²/litre/coat (minimum 2 coats)
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SpECtop A100

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