SpECtite Tile Grout


SpECtite Tile Grout is a blend of high purity silica
sands, Portland cements and organic polymers
which, when mixed with water produces a paste-like
material. Once hardened, the product is resistant
to water and the growth of mould.

SpECtite Tile Grout is designed for use with
SpECtite WTA.

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Technical Details

SpECtite Tile Grout may be used as a grout for tile joints. Typical applications are in shower cubicles, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools etc.
· Resistant to mould growth
· Water resistant
· May be used in permanently submerged situations
· Non slump
· Single component
· Designed for use in hot climates
· Special colours available as SpEC Rainbow Grout
· Standard colours grey and white

Compressive strength 

5.0 N/mm² @ 24 hrs 
Open time 

40 mins @ 35°C 

It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECtite Tile Grout. Tiles must be firmly fixed in place and perfectly clean prior to the application of SpECtite Tile Grout. The gap between tiles should be approx. 2-8mm, but should not exceed 8mm.

SpECtite Tile Grout is supplied as a one component blend of silica sands, portland cements and organic polymers.
Place around 8 litres of water in a mixing pail with capacity of around 25 litres and slowly add the SpECtite Tile Grout whilst mixing using a slow speed electric drill, fitted with a SpECbuild Mixing Paddle. Always add powder to water and mix for around 5 minutes to achieve a lump-free paste. Leave the material to stand for 10 – 15 minutes prior to application.

Apply SpECtite Tile Gout using a small sponge or cloth, ensuring that the product is thoroughly worked into the joints and edges.

Be careful to remove surplus material with a dry cloth and profile the joint either by the use of a jointing tool or the tip a gloved finger.

Once the grout has dried, use a wet sponge to carry out the final tile cleaning.

It is essential to clean tiles, which have a surface profile, prior to the grout hardening.
SpECtite Tile Grout is supplied in 25kg bags and a typical usage rate is around 0.20 – 0.30 kg/m², although this is very dependent on spacing and type of tiles.
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SpECtite Tile Grout

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