SpECtite DPR6


SpECtite DPR6 is anionic latex modified
bitumen emulsion. The product contains a quantity
of bio-acid to inhibit the growth bacteria and mould
both in the product itself and subsequent to application. This properties impart excellent durability
and waterproofing characteristics.

Technical Details

To provide a flexible waterproofing membrane to building and civil engineering structures. It is particularly suitable:
· For use as waterproofing for damp proof membrane in sandwich construction as general purpose water proofer for walls, floors, other structures, and as a vapour seal as well.
· Effective adhesive and bonding agent for insula tion boards, cork panels, etc.
· Suitable where some movements of structure is expected.
· Exhibits much better permeability and elasticity characteristics, than similar material without latex.
· Cold applied
· Single component
· Water-based non-toxic
· Highly extensible
· Non-flammable
· Resist attack by chloride and sulphates
· Asbestos free

Solid contents 

Specific gravity 

1.02 ± 0.02 @ 20°C 

Drying time @ 20°C 

3 hours and overcoat time 3.5 hours min. 
Rubber content in the dry film 

6% minimum 


1000% min. 

brown, dries to black 

All surfaces must be made clean, dust and frost free to expose a sound clean substrate.

Brush, roller or spraying equipment.
SpECtite DPR6 is supplied in 20 litre tins and 200 litre drums. SpECtite DPR6 should be applied at a rate of 1.25m²/litre/coat, which will give a typical system thickness of 0.77mm.
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SpECtite DPR6

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