SpECgrout E60


SpECgrout E60 is a solvent free epoxy based
grout designed for gap thicknesses from 12 to

Technical Details

SpECgrout E60 is a free-flow grout for use in situations where high dynamic loading is anticipated. It is suitable as a bedding layer for mechanical joint system.
· Resistant to dynamic loading
· Non-shrink ensuring maximum contact area
· High compressive, tensile and flexural strengths
· High strength
· Early strength gain
· Chemically resistant

Test method for Typical results @ 20°C ±3 Compressive strength (BS 6319 Part 2) 

3 days 

65 N/mm² 

7 days 

90 N/mm² 

Tensile strength (BS 6319 Part 1) 

@ 7 days 

16 N/mm² 

Flexural strength (BS 6319 Part 3) 

@ 7 days 

36 N/mm² 

Pot life 


100 mins 

50 mins 


25 mins 

All substrates should be sound and free from oils and greases and must be dry. Concrete surfaces must be scabbled or grit blasted to a sound base. Dust and debris must be removed.

Steel surfaces, particularly the underside of base plates, should be grit blasted to clean bright metal.

Baseplate Grouting
Formwork must be constructed which is leak proof and be similar to that shown in the sketch below: For successful grouting it is essential to provide a hydrostatic head of grout. To achieve this a feeding hopper system should be used similar to that shown in the sketch below

SpECgrout E60 is supplied in a three-component pack consisting of one tin of resin, one tin of hardener and one bag of specially selected fillers.

the base and hardener should be first mixed together in a 25 litre steel container and the powder component added slowly while mixing with a slow speed drill and paddle. Complete mixing will take atleast 3 minutes.

The mixed material should be poured at a uniform rate into the hopper end of the formwork only.Pouring should be continuous to avoid entrapment of air.

Good planning is essential to ensure sufficient material is available to complete the pour. A guide on typical flow distances for SpECgrout E60 using a 100mm head is provided below:
Temperature °C Maximum Flow (mm) Gap(mm)
10 25 800
20 25 2000
30 25 3000
SpECgrout E60 is supplied in 12 litre units.
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SpECgrout E60

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