SpECcoat Firesafe Facade


SpECcoat Firesafe Facade is a two-component
polymer modified cementitious coating. The product
may be trowel, brush or spray applied to provide a
flexible, fire resistant moisture barrier to facades.

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Technical Details

SpECcoat Firesafe Facade is used where there is a requirement to exclude water moisture from a building facade, while it is still breathable.
• Fire resistant
• High bond strength to concrete and masonry
• Excellent flexibility
• Long pot life even at high temperatures

Pot life @ 25°C 

45 mins 


Minimum application Temperature 

Touch dry 

2 – 5 hours 

Full cure 

28 days 
Flame Spread Index (FSI) (ASTM E84-16) 

10 Class A 

Smoke Developed Index (SDI) (ASTM E84-16) 

40 Class A 
Water Vapour Transmission (ASTM E96) 

0.02 g/m²/hour 

It is essential that adequate preparation is carried out prior to the application of SpECcoat Firesafe Facade.

The substrate must be clean and completely free from contaminants including grease, oil and loose material. Any repairs to the substrate should be carried out using SpECbuild cementitious repair mortars.

SpECcoat Firesafe Facade is supplied as a two component pack consisting of a liquid component and a powder component.

The product cannot be mixed by hand.

The liquid should be poured into a 20 litre plastic or metal drum. The powder should be added slowly whilst mixing with a spiral paddle attachment on a slow speed electric drill. Mixing should continue until the product is lump free and for a minimum of 3 – 5 minutes.

Note: Both the components should be stored in a cool place prior to mixing, as it may reduce the potlife if kept at higher temperature.

The prepared substrate should be dampened using a fine water spray. Care should be taken with porous substrates as more extensive pre-soaking will be required. Any free water on the surface should be removed immediately prior to applying SpECcoat Firesafe Facade.

While the substrate is damp but free from standing water, apply the mixed product by medium hard short bristle brush, trowel or roller checking that the first coat is at a wet film thickness of 0.40 – 0.60mm. The product should always be finished in one direction and never applied at a higher thickness in one coat.

The second coat should be applied as soon as the first coat is dry, normally after a minimum of 3 hours @ 25°C and longer at lower temperatures. This second coat should again be finished in one direction, 90° to the first coat, at WFT of 0.40 – 0.6mm.

The total thickness should be 1.0 – 1.20mm.
SpECcoat Firesafe Facade is supplied in 15kg two part packs.

A complete mixed pack will cover approximately 15m² at 0.5mm WFT/coat depending on the substrate profile.
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SpECcoat Firesafe Facade

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