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We offer geotechnics expert solutions and services to companies carrying out ground stabilization works. We offer services that hold, restrain and support buildings and civil engineering structures, either permanently or temporarily.


Soil stabilization is making changes to the soil to improve its ability to bear weight and increase its tensile strength. This creates a more reliable basis for building and construction works and can remedy issues with earth and subsoils that are causing problems.


Soil nailing provides cost-effective short or long-term ground stabilisation for roadway cut excavations, slope stabilisation or retaining wall support. Ou team can manage all elements of bank stabilisation projects, including design, supply, installation and testing.


Anchoring is an engineered system that stabilize grounds and/or fix a structure to the ground, enabling load transfer into an appropriate stratum.
The anchors ensure the stability of the soil and allow for large and deep excavations. They are often temporary, as the long-term stability of the ground will be ensured by the structure built in the excavation (car parks, basements, etc.).

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