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We are on the way to becoming one of the most extensive power tool and equipment distributors in Qatar. we supply trade tools, power tools, and hand tools direct from our stores or our Salwa Road showroom. 

We built our foundation on great products and exceptional service and a variety of top-quality products that are proven, reliable, and professional quality.

Products Range


  • Stationary & Portable Rebar Bending & Cutting Machines.
  • Combined Rebar Bending & Cutting Machines.
  • Double Bending Machines.
  • Spiral Bending Machines.
  • Stirrup Bending Machines.
  • Mesh Bending & Cutting Machines.
  • Straightening & Cutting Machines.
  • Shearling Line Machines.

  • Compactor.
  • Power Trowel.
  • Vibratory Screeds.
  • Double Drum Roller.
  • Beveling Machine.


  • Tile Saws.
  • Masonry Saws.
  • Floor Saws.
  • Handheld Cut-Off Saws.
  • Diamond Coring Machines & Coring Bits.
  • Abrasive Cutting Discs & Grinding Wheels for both Steel, Tile, Asphalt & Concrete Base Materials


We are a leading steel reinforcement rebar solution in Qatar. Our specialists provide innovative, cost-effective quality products. We look to provide our customers with the complete range of Reinforcing Solutions.


  • Standard Couplers.
  • Transition Couplers.
  • Position Couplers.
  • Bolt Couplers.
  • Weldable Couplers.
  • Lock Couplers.
  • Terminator Couplers.


  • Building Construction Material Testing Equipment & Accessories.
  • Paint Testing Equipment & Accessories.
  • Waste Management Material Testing Equipment & Accessories.

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