SpECtop PE5


SpECtop PE5 is a four component epoxy resin
protective surface coating, based on resins, coal
tar and curing agents with chemically inert graded
silica fillers. SpECtop PE5 is formulated to provide
excellent finish and application properties. SpECtop
PE5 is available only as a black resin
system which is broadcast with SpECtop
Armourite Grain.

Technical Details

SpECtop PE5 is designed to offer an extremely hardwearing, low maintenance, anti-skid surfacing to a wide range of substrates including concrete, asphalt, steel and timber.

SpECtop PE5 is ideally suited for Ro/Ro link spans, ship and oil/gas platforms, helicopter decks, car parks, walkways, industrial workshops and heavy plant/cargo handling areas.
· Extremely hard wearing
· Flexible
· Chemical resistant
· Non-slip, provides anti-skid surfacing
· Waterproof
· Excellent adhesion to steel, concrete, asphalt
· Solvent free to minimize disruption
· Resistant to flame spread
· UV resistant when dressed with recommended surface dressing aggregate

Wet density 

1700kg/m³ (slurry only) 
Volume solids (mixed) 


Pot life 

30 mins @ 20°C 
Cure time 

8-10 hrs @ 20°C 

Compressive strength 

31.2 N/mm² @ 14 days 
Flexural strength 

11.7 N/mm² @ 7 days 

Tensile strength 

4.1 N/mm² @ 7 days 
Initial Hardness 

18 hrs @ 20°C 

Open to light traffic 

24 hrs @ 20°C 
Vehicular traffic 

48 hrs @ 20°C 

Full cure 

7 days @ 20°C 
Mohs Hardness (dressing) 


It is essential that the substrate surfaces are correctly prepared prior to application. All substrates must be sound and free from contamination with oil, grease and other matter. Any oil or grease contamination must be removed completely by, scabbling or shotblasting the contaminated areas to provide a clean substrate. Laitance should be removed by blasting, grinding, or light scabbling.

Concrete surfaces must be primed with SpECtop Primer F1. The primer must be allowed to become tack free before applying SpECtop PE5.

When applying to steel work, the surface should be cleaned to a bright metal finish by grit blasting to a bright metal finish. An angular profile amplitude of at least 75 microns is recommended. SpECtop Primer F1 should be used prior to the application of SpECtop PE5.

SpECtop PE5 can be applied directly onto asphalt substrates without the need for primer. The asphalt, however should be at least 3 months old, clean, dry and sound. The asphalt should be lightly grit blasted to remove any weakly bonded or contaminated material to provide a sound substrate.

Substrate must be clean, dry and dust free. No priming is required.

Add the entire contents of the hardener can to the base can. Once mixed SpECtop Primer F1 should be applied immediately as a thin continuous film using stiff brushes or rollers. Over application and puddles should be avoided. Porous substrates may require two or more coats. The primer should be allowed to become tack-free prior to the application of SpECtop PE5.

SpECtop PE5 is a four part pre-weighed system ready for on site use. Mechanical mixing is essential and a drill and paddle type mixer is recommended. Add the entire contents of the hardener tin to the base tin and mix for 2-3 minutes using a slow speed drill fitted with a suitable mixing paddle until the mixture is homogeneous. Pour the mixed material into a 25 litre steel pail and slowly add the filler component whilst mixing. Mix for a minimum of 5 minutes.

SpECtop PE5 should be poured onto the previously primed substrate and spread to the required thickness using a serrated steel trowel or squeegee. It is essential to spread the material in a uniform even application without over-working. SpECtop PE5 may be rolled with a spiked roller to aid the release of trapped air. The surface dressing aggregate (SpECtop Armourite Grain) should be broadcast across the surface within 5 minutes of application.
SpECtop PE5 should be left to cure for at least 24 hours @ 20°C before all excess, unbound aggregate is brushed from the surface.
SpECtop PE5 slurry is supplied in a three part system with the following recommended coverage rates.

12 litre pack
@ 3.5mm wft: 0.286m²/litre
@ 4.0mm wft: 0.25m²/litre
@ 5.0mm wft: 0.2m²/litre

SpECtop F1 Primer
5 litre or 1 litre pack @ 10-15m²/litre

SpECtop Armourite Grain
25kg packs @ 2kg net/m²
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SpECtop PE5

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