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We have been supplying top-of-the-line waterproofing materials and coatings for decades. Our products are engineered and picked for professional applicators, facility maintenance professionals, and do-it-yourselfers. We are committed to being an open and honest company that focuses on delivering you the right product and long-term solutions. Our products are tried and tested, and our knowledgeable Technical Support staff is committed to supporting you before, during and after your project. We offer waterproofing solutions from the basement, joints, Podium, and Facade up to the Roof. Our range includes:

Torch applied Bituminous Membrane.

Self-Adhesive Membrane. 

Liquid Applied Coatings.

Fully Bonded Systems.

PVC Waterstop. 

Swellable Waterstop.

Protection Boards.


Floor look and feel is the most crucial feature in any building as it's the most touched and seen by the users of any building. There is an entire system of layers and parts to create the final look of a floor.

Our flooring solutions meet the highest standards, the range covers:

  • Industrial flooring Systems: Factories, Warehouses & Parking garages. 
  • Decorative floor systems: Commercial & Residential buildings

We offer a wide range of solutions and technologies, such as: 

  • Epoxy & Epoxy-Cementitious Hybrid.
  • Polyurethane & Polyurethane-Cementitious Hybrid. 
  • Acrylic, Acrylic-Cementitious Hybrid.
  • Cementitious & Colored Concrete. 
  • And Polyurea.


Our Joint treatment Solutions offer a comprehensive range of products for various applications, including commercial centers, shopping malls, airports, shopping centers, bridges, airports, hospitals, and several other application areas.

Our products are designed to fill, seal, cover, and protect joints, to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of concrete slabs. Our range includes profiles and products for walls, floors, pedestrians & heavy loads of traffic, and seismic movements. such as:

  • Expansion Joints Covers.
  • Filler Boards.
  • Sealants. 
  • Pre-Molded Joint Filler. 
  • Hy-Rib


Our high-quality concrete repair materials can improve the life of a concrete structure in many ways, which reduces the need to demolish and rebuild what could be saved.

With our comprehensive range of repair, strengthening, and protection materials, and our technical expertise, we can help you select the product best suited to your needs in terms of both usability and technical properties. Our range includes:

  • Cementitious Repair Mortar. 
  • Skim Coats.
  • Grouts.
  • Highly Fluid Micro Concrete. 
  • Pore Filler and Leveling Mortar.
  • Concrete Protection. 
  • Epoxy Concrete Patch. 


Stone, Aluminum & Glass facades must provide sustainable and durable performance, which requires high-end products tailored to meet precise demands and guarantee peak performance in every way possible. We supply a wide range of innovative facade products and solutions for every project. Our range includes: 

  • Structural, Insulation & Weather Sealant. 
  • Curtain Walls Joint Firestopping. 
  • EPDM Membrane.
  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing.
  • Damp Proofing.
  • Firestop Facade Coating.
  • Thermal Insulation. 
  • Aluminum Accessories. 


Our solutions can effectively reduce the impact of noise and thermal fluctuations on your building or project. We offer a range of applications such as:

  • Partition Walls and Head of Wall.
  • Cavity Walls & Cement/Gypsum Walls. 
  • Cladded and Façade Insulation.
  • Roof & Floor Insulation. 
  • HVAC Insulation. 


We are an ultimate provider of a wide range of architectural finishing products. Our range of products provides maximum functionality, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional toughness. Architectural finishes cover various designs, and profiles, in application areas varying from floors, walls, ceilings, columns, beams, and stairs. To make it simple, we have brought in some of the best products to give you the best finishes for all your interiors. The term architectural finish takes over various materials, methods, and styles. It is essentially an exposed part of the building that can mesh the aesthetics and the functionalities. They serve a valuable function for many businesses while also offering eye-catching and beautiful designs. Our range includes: 

  • Expansion Joint Covers.
  • Entrance Mats.
  • Stair Nosing/Edging.
  • Finishing profiles.
  • Wall Protection & Handrails.
  • Solid Surface.
  • High Pressured Lamination HPL. 
  • Access Doors & Hatches.


We are a leading steel reinforcement rebar solution in Qatar. Our specialists provide innovative, cost-effective quality products. We look to provide our customers with the complete range of Reinforcing Solutions, such as:

  • Rebar Mechanical Couplers. 
  • Cut & Bend Machines. 
  • Reinforcement Fibers. 


We offer a wide range of block and plaster accessories; our supplying partners are well established and respected with a strong position globally. Our range includes:

  • Plaster Accessories. 
  • Builders Metalwork. 
  • Wall Ties. 
  • Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Hy-Rib Permanent Formwork. 


We have grown to become Qatar’s leading Fire Stopping Product supplier. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with a complete professional service from specifying up to after-sales service.

We hold one of the widest ranges of fire-stopping products from leading manufacturers. Our drive is to become a one-stop destination with multi-industry solutions and top-notch technical support. some of the solutions we offer:

  • Fire Stopping Sealants (Acrylic, Polyurethane, Silicon, Intumescent). 
  • Firestop Boards.
  • PU Coating. 
  • Intumescent Coatings.
  • Fire Stopping Collars & Wraps.
  • Fire Rated Mastics
  • Fire Barriers. and more. 
  • Fire Resistance Gypsum Board.
  • Fire Rated PU Foam


We supply a wide range of aluminum, glazing, and curtain wall solutions. We are driven by entrepreneurship, evidenced in the continual growth of our presence and footprint in the industry.

Our products are specified in many of Qatar’s most advanced projects. With 20+ years of experience, we have the technical expertise needed to fulfill any project requirement.  

Both fabricators and contractors trust our products for their innovation and reliability, and we work collaboratively with specifiers and architects to achieve beautifully designed buildings. Some of our solutions: 

  • Sealants (Structural, Insulation & Weatherseal).
  • Aluminum windows & doors hardware.
  • Glass Patch Fittings.
  • Shower Door & Partition Fittings. 
  • EPDM Membrane.
  • Accessories for the Glazing industry.
  • Rockwool Insulation. 


Our range of quality joinery works supplies is expanding continuously. We are firmly committed to providing woodworkers with superior products and expert advice. Our range includes:

  • Solid Surface.
  • High Pressured Lamination.
  • Sealants.
  • Doors and Windows Accessories.


We are a leading supplier of high-grade Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). GRC & GRP are one of the most versatile building materials available to architects and engineers, having only 20% of the weight of precast concrete and other counterpart materials, making it easier to handle on-site and reducing loads on structures when in use. The unique properties of GRC & GRP allow the manufacture of thinner wall products that are not achievable in precast concrete or natural stone.


We are on the way to becoming one of the most extensive power tool and equipment distributors in Qatar. we supply trade tools, power tools, and hand tools direct from our stores or our Salwa Road showroom. 

We built our foundation on great products and exceptional service and a variety of top-quality products that are proven, reliable, and professional quality. Our range includes:

  • Platform, Mobile Ladders, and Fall Prevention System
  • Rebar Bending & Cutting Machines
  • Light Construction Machines
  • Building Constructions Tools & Consumables
  • Building Construction Material Testing Equipment & Accessories,
  • Waste Management Material Testing Equipment & Accessories.

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