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We never cut corners when providing solutions that keep you safe and productive. We’re committed to providing fast response times, expert engineering, precision solutions, and on-time deliveries. our range includes: 

  • Industrial Safety Gates (Yellow Gate). 
  • Industrial Metal Stairs and Work Platforms. 
  • Gangways & Loading Ramps. 
  • Mobile Ladders & Platforms. 


We have evolved into a committed and valuable partner to clients, specialists, architects, engineers, and contractors on all aspects of security façade construction, building security and high security technology in Qatar.

We create project-specific solutions that utilize a series of carefully selected components which are integrated into systems and constructions, the engineered and manufactured material are incorporating all the requirements of current facade design, building security as well as risk assessment and reduction.

our specialist team have multi-discipline expertise in solving technical and commercial problems has been a crucial aspect in our achieving a pre-eminent position in Qatar. We cover the complete supply chain from specifying to installation and maintenance through our subsidiaries and partners. Solutions we offer includes:

  • Blast & Bullet Proof Doors.
  • Blast & Bullet Proof Glass and Windows.
  • Security Façade Construction.
  • High Security, Burglary and Fire protection doors.



We have been offering lead shielding solutions to accommodate radiation shielding, and industrial lead shielding for many years now. Our team members are well seasoned in the lead shielding industry.   

We always seek on bringing new products to the marketplace to meet specification demands and increasing lead shielding requirements and will continue to provide our customers with the best materials and best value engineering possible. 

  • diagnostic imaging shielding, radiation therapy shielding (MRI & X-ray)
  • industrial x-ray machines, food radiation machines.

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