Architectural Finishes

Architectural Finishes

We are an ultimate provider of a wide range of architectural finishing products such as Expansion Joint Covers, Entrance Mats, Stair Nosing, Floor Trims, Solid Surface, Access Doors & Hatches. Our range of products provide maximum functionality, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional toughness. Architectural finishes cover various designs, and coatings, in application areas varying from floors, walls, ceilings, columns, beams, and stairs. To make it simple, we have brought in some of the best products to give you the best finishes for all your interiors. The term architectural finish takes over various materials, methods, and styles. It is essentially an exposed part of the building that can mesh the aesthetics and the functionalities. They serve a valuable function for many businesses while also offering eye-catching and beautiful designs.

Products Range

Expansion Joints Covers

Our Floor, Wall, and Ceiling expansion joint covers have been manufactured using the highest international standards. 

– Heavy-duty profiles for truck and/or heavy vehicle crossing areas.

– Watertight profiles for the joints with water seepage risk. 

– Seismic profiles with high displacement capability for high movement joints.

Access panels

Come in several forms, such as access doors, roof hatch, floor doors, and smoke vents, and allow easy access to covered services. These panels give trouble-free access to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fixtures behind walls, ceilings, roofs, and under the floor. 

These access panels are required in various commercial, residential, hospitality, and industrial buildings.

Entrance matting systems

Effectively keep the cleanliness of the indoor areas. The entry rugs are highly effective for both medium and heavy-duty. It can also be made in specific dimensions and equipped with different inserts for all applications.

Stair Nosing

Horizontal projection from the tread's front where foot traffic is most common. If vertical risers have been used, the nosing extends beyond the tread's back, or beyond the tread's bottom if angled risers, or both, are used. You can apply anti-slip strips and nosings. These stair parts are made from many materials, including aluminum, vinyl, or wood.

Wall protection & Handrail

Reduce the accident risk, stop the damages and help to reduce upholding and revamping costs of the facilities. Our designs are made of hard-wearing PVC covers. In addition to their defense feature, it adds an ornamental feeling with a variety of colors. Our range includes products that have been designed with antibacterial, fire, and impact-resistant features.

Solid Surface & HPL

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