1. Logistics Management

The term logistics refers to the planning, organizing, scheduling, controlling, coordinating, and monitoring of the movement of products and services among businesses and individuals. Logistics is the science of managing the flow of information and physical goods from suppliers to consumers. Logistics is the study of how to get things done efficiently and effectively.

2. Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the practice of integrating supply-side activities with demand-driven activities to create value for both parties. SCM is the art and science of getting what we need when we need it, where we need it, and how much we need it.

3. Transportation Management

Transportation management is the discipline of developing strategies and tactics to move people and/or cargo from one location to another. Transportation managers plan routes, coordinate schedules, negotiate contracts, purchase vehicles, hire drivers, manage fuel costs, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

4. Distribution Management

Distribution management is the process of moving inventory from the supplier to the customer. Distribution managers work closely with sales and marketing teams to understand the company’s product mix, forecast future demand, and determine the best way to fulfill orders.

5. Inventory Management

Inventory management is the process of tracking and maintaining inventories of raw materials, components, and finished goods. An effective inventory system ensures that the right amount of each item is available at the right time.

6. Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is the process of storing and retrieving inventory from storage locations. A warehouse manager works closely with purchasing agents to ensure that the right quantity of inventory is stored at the right place.

7. Customer Service

Customer service is the set of actions taken by a business to satisfy its customers’ demands. Customer service includes everything from answering calls and emails to providing directions and handling complaints.

Bassam Joukhadar

Bassam Joukhadar

Logistics Manager

BSX Logistics a Division of Bardawil Specialities Qatar is now a leading provider of local and international supply chain and transport solution in Qatar. BSX Logistics are no ordinary logistics business. Our CREATIVE and PRACTICAL approach separates us from our competitors and creates a unique service experience for our customers. BSX is well equipped to be your strategic partner and not just another transactional supplier.

BSX Hazmat facilities offer clients with full and comprehensive Hazmat logistics solutions. We procure goods and provide inventory management and transport in full compliance with local rules and regulations and as per the customer requirements.

BSX offers a wide variety of logistics services; this includes warehousing and distribution of all kind of goods. We offer cost-efficient solutions for all companies in the State of Qatar. Our services includes temperature controlled storage options, palletized goods and open yard storage.

BSX offers its clients the advantage of a complete logistics value chain incorporated into their service offering. The company’s operations covers almost every type of transportation available, we can deliver customized and cost-efficient solutions that meet our clients’ requirements in various industries.