QP District Flooring

QP District Flooring

Total Area: 

  • 200,000+ Square Meters.

Manpower used: 

  • 300+ Skilled workers. 

Products Used:

  • SpECcoat BC
  • SpECtop SRE500
  • SpECtop CPD
  • SpECtop NS Grains
  • SpECtop CPD Line Marker

One of the most significant real estate projects in Qatar. Situated in the West Bay area, QP District includes nine office towers ranging in height from 21 to 52 stories, a five-star business hotel with 371 rooms, restaurants, a conference center, and a large retail shopping area. 

The project site is approximately 693,400 square meters, with 345,000 square meters of offices, 9,250 square meters of retail space, a 65,300 square meter hotel complex, an 8,000 square meter Prayer Hall, and 263,600 square meters are allocated for additional structures.

In 2012, Bardawil Qatar’s contracting team was asked to supply a flooring system in a 200,000 square meters area. divided into three scopes: 

  1. Basement Floors.  
  2. Service Areas Floors.
  3. Stairs Flooring.  

Our contracting team recommended that applying SpEC High-Performance Flooring systems would provide significant value as it’s the most cost-effective solution to coat such a large space while providing long-lasting durability and aesthetics. 

SpEC has been used countlessly for over a decade without quality complaints, along with local product availability and support.

Once the job was awarded, our team started the surface preparation; they ensured it was free of contaminants and imperfections, and SpECcoat BC filler was applied. 

In the basement area, they used SpECtop NS Grains along with SpECtop CPD which is a multi-layered polyurethane Car Park Decking system, Its crack bridging properties, hard wearing, waterproofing, Good chemical resistance and noise reducing properties made it a perfect fit for this application.

also we did the basement road marking using SpECtop CPD Linemarker.

For service areas and stair flooring, they used SpECtop SRE500 which is a two-part epoxy resin system that produces a high build, hard wearing, chemically resistant floor coating

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