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Bardawil Specialities-Qatar W.L.L. is a leading provider of specialized products and services to the construction community.
The company is part of Bardawil, a leading provider of engineering products and services in the Middle East. Founded in 1945, the group has operations in the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UK. The operation in Qatar was established in 2000, as a part of the group’s regional expansion plan. Today, it is a well-established member of the construction industry in Qatar.
Bardawil Specialities-Qatar has been active in the field of, specialised materials and services for all types of engineering projects. In addition, the company also undertook the application of specialised systems such as Geotechnical works, industrial and decorative flooring, concrete repair, waterproofing, etc. With this wide product and service range, the company has been able to participate in most construction projects in the state of Qatar, whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, oil & gas, transportation or utilities.
The Company special products division has provided radiation protection to several sectors including hospitals and health care centers.
The company logistics department BSX LOGISTICS provides complete supply chain solutions to its customers.

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Please feel free to contact us at (+974) 6663 7732 for any case.


Our Division

Commercial Division

represents a number of leading brands, each of which is a major or leading player. Our engineers and technical services staff are fully qualified to advice, support and provide products from the various lines we handle.

Contracting Divison

The expertise of our engineers, supervisory staff and skilled workers is second to none in Qatar. Our staff is fully trained to undertake various specialised contracting jobs. We deploys extensive equipment for the execution of a wide range of activities.

Logistics Division

BSX LOGISTICS is a provider of logistics and supply chain solutions in the State of Qatar. We offer full spectrum of high-quality logistics solutions including operating a storage facilities for all types of goods

To be a leading provider of specialized materials, services, and a logistical partner active in the State of Qatar.

  Our Vision

To achieve, meet or exceeds our customers and partners' expectations each and every time by committing to the highest level of performance with integrity, creativity, and passion for results.

  Our Mission


Our group was founded in 1945 and has built over the last 75 years an excellent reputation by sticking to its core values.
    – Excellence – Always going the mile for our clients to provide best products and services.
    – Trust – Building trustful relationships with all our counterparties.
    – Long-term thinking – Everything we do is with a long-term perspective and approach.
    – Integrity – Focusing on the integrity of our relationship with all parties.
We seek INNOVATIONS, we continued developing IDEAS, we CREATE, procedures and METHODS to provide our customers with SMART solutions.


Our professional team of Managers, Engineers, Sales, Application and Admin employees focuses on implementation of company’s vision and policies. Our Team is composed of individuals with diverse specialized professional experience.

We strictly maintain our policy of continual improvements and follow recognized procedures and codes of practice of our services.

We provide ourselves that we give a personal touch that ensures confidence to all our clients with a reputation of determining the highest level of professionalism and market knowledge you will find that our Team adds value to all our clients

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Our team will assist you in evaluating the most economical solution for each particular case,
at the level of professionalized expected from our company.

Contact us, our engineering and technical assistance team is organized to provide rapid,
efficient recommendations and solutions for most problems.

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