Bardawil Specialities-Qatar’s Commercial Division represents a number of leading brands, each of which is a major or leading player. Our engineers and technical services staff are fully qualified to advise, support and provide products from the various lines we handle.

To meet the project requirements of our customers, we provide significant stocks of these products in our warehouse in Doha Qatar.

Building Materials
The range of products includes: Construction chemicals, Geotextiles, Waterproofing membranes, Joint sealants, Geogrids, Expanded metals, Bridge joints and Bearing pads
Aluminium Glazing
The range of products includes: Structural silicone, Polyurethane and Polysulphide, IG sealants, Silicone weatherseals, Butyl and Hot melt sealant, Molecular sieves, Glass coating, General purpose sealant and Fillers.
Architectural Finishes & Interiors
The range of products includes: Expansion joints covers, Wall and Corner guards, Carpark protection items and Entrance floormats
Composite Industry
The range of products includes: Silicone materials and Chemicals related technologies
Special Products
The range of products includes: Radiation protection materials such as Leaded Doors, Dry Wall partition, X-Ray Safe glass and complete Copper Shielding Systems
Tools & Equipment
The range of products includes Cut & Bend, Couplers, Abrasives and Platforms among other things.
Passive Fire Protection System
The range of products includes fire rated Sealants, Collars, Wraps, Boards, Coatings and Insulation Solutions.